Ask Eppaljeck

Because there's nothing funny about Fluttershy with a penis.

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The ponies vs. Ask Tumblrs

Twilight Sparkle vs. Paranoid Twilight

Rainbow Dash vs. Dead Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy vs. Futashy

Applejack vs. Crapplejack

Pinkie Pie vs. Pinkamena Diane Pie

Rarity vs. Lil’ Miss Rarity

Princess Celestia vs. Princess Molestia

Princess Luna vs. Luna and Venom

Not Quite Apple Bloom and Zecora vs. Racist Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle vs. Sweetie Poo

Not Quite Scootaloo vs. Chubby Diamond Tiara

Not Quite Scootaloo vs. Pregnant Scootaloo

Canon Twilight Sparkle vs. Garry’s Ponies

Spitfire and Soarin vs. Firestarter Spitfire

Trixie vs. Twixie

Not Quite Gilda vs. Gluttonous Gilda

"Lyra" vs. Lyra Robot-Hands

"Bon Bon" vs. Housewife Bon-Bon

Derpy Hooves vs. Discorded Derpy

Everyone vs. Eppaljeck


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    This is hilarious!
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    I’ve often wondered what they would think as well… I hope Princess Luna would find Metal Luna amusing at least.
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